Bought a bunch of equipment from these guys and they are so helpful and knowledgeable. After helping me tune my bow they gave me some recommendations and I put them to use and low and behold I've got a perfectly tuned bow. Thanks for all the help!

James T.

Awesome place to enjoy some indoor shooting. Staff was very helpful and the prices are great.

Timothy E.

Took my granddaughter Destiny in this morning and they got her going, friendly, patient and very informative
Thank you guys, appreciate the help.

Anthony S.

Great people. Very knowledgeable and the best pro shop in town. Have them twist you up some tight custom strings and cables.

Eric L.

The other day I brought in a bow that needed to be repaired, and not only did they do a great repair, they were SUPER fast at getting it done, as I had requested...very impressed with the customer service at this shop! Thanks guys!

Anne B.

Called up and was able to get service the same day. Couldn't ask for anything more. Very pricey and fair pricing!

Tim M.

Recently I had an issue with a Stryker crossbow under warranty. I called the guys at Archery in the Wild and they immediately said they could help me. I brought the bow up and they immediately helped me and said they would take care of it. I got a call just a few days later, they sent the bow and it was back repaired. It was more than fixed and totally cleaned. The price was very reasonable and they explained all the charges. I was very impressed with the service and friendly nature they took toward my bow. I really appreciate your help and would not hesitate recommend Archery in the Wild! Thanks guys.

Dave W.

May 3

I heard so many great things about this place. Everyone from Loveland to South Denver was recommending them. I checked them out and they are without a doubt the most helpful, knowledgeable and sincere staff I've ever encountered. They will go out of their way to help you, and never push sales on you. They honestly just care about your experience there and it shows! Thanks you guys for being so great!

Caitlin Turner

Feb 20

I've never been disappointed coming here. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgable. Thanks so much for helping me get my bow back up to my standards!

Sarah Kadlecek

April 4

We wouldn't go anywhere else for our Archery needs. The staff at Archery In The Wild are top notch professionals. They know what they're doing when they set up your bow. They do it right the first time! They were extremely patient with our family! Give them a try...You'll be glad you did!!!

Lisa Thompson

March 6

First time in the shop yesterday and got some great help and advice while sighting in my Hoyt Bow. Great bunch of professionals!

Brad Wrubel

October 23

Great bow shop
Excellent products and service. I have been coming to see Boyd for about 10 years. He has tuned all of my bow to shoot accurate and clean.
Just got a 5x5 bull with my Hoyt element last Saturday 60 yard shot uphill in close quarters to trees and downed logs. Bull only went 30-35 yards after the arrow hit. I could say enough about how awesome Archery In the wild is!

Anthony Canfield

October 5, 2015

Absolutely amazing knowledge and service. Great selection of bows, arrows, and accessories. If you can't find what you need at Archery in The Wild your probably searching for the wrong thing. If you haven't shot with one of their custom strings made in house you are missing out on something incredible. Get in and check them out!!

Matt Hayes

October 20

Great service, knowledgeable staff, lots of good products and an accommodating rage.

Jon Palmquist

January 30

Love the owner!

Roger Oberg

October 25

Excellent establishment. Very friendly and helpful!!

Jack Ullrich

October 25

Only professional archery shop I have used while living here in CO. Very knowledgeable and a great stock of accessories and supplies you need .

Brian Soliday

October 8

Took my elite bow to them to set up they were friendly and very Precise with the set up, they made sure it done perfectly.

Anthony Green

May 28

I am just getting in to archery. I bought a new bow from another dealer and brought it down to get some arrows. Mack answered a pile of questions I had and was a tremendous resource. For all he put in to helping me tune the bow, measure and cut my arrows, select a release and overall get set up, I wish I had known about them before I even purchased the bow. I'm sure I could have made a more informed decision. But now I'm very happy with my setup and I will make this my go-to place for anything I need. Good stock on all types of archery supplies and a range in back with several lanes to shoot on.

I also rented a recurve bow for my son who is also new to archery and he had a *great* time. Again, Mack gave him some helpful tips and got his target set up. After my son had about 30 arrows down range, he was really getting the hang of it. I browsed the pro shop and Gary answered even more of my questions. These guys were just really helpful and friendly. I'm glad we have a place like this in town. It's located in the business park just east of the Mazda dealership off Highway 119.

Vic Salazar

January 10

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